Have you ever dreamed of being a private investigator or detective? Did you grow up reading Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie? Do you love watching Hallmark Mysteries or True Crime Shows?


Conundrum Case files are designed to immerse you into the shoes of a real P.I. You can work these cases by yourself or have friends and family join in for the best entertainment—better than a book, more engaging than television—think of it as an immersive mystery where you wear the detective hat. 

There is nothing more intriguing than a good mystery. The details, the evidence, the clues that fresh eyes might decipher. Putting crime scene data together is an art. It’s a puzzle in which the goal is to find that crucial piece that solves the case and brings justice for the victim.


Receive a case file in the mail that includes: crime scene photos, reports, suspect photos and profiles, interviews, evidence collected at the scene, and ciphers to crack. YOU use your powers of observation to follow a trail of clues and solve the Conundrum Case File.


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