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Pastor’s Wife


First, let’s do a checklist.

Team letter, letter from Papa, article on the Tucker Cross, guide sheet, mirror, locked pouch.

1)     Solve the article. Hint- look for a hidden message.

2)     Solve letter from Papa.

3)     Solve the 16 photos. I try to send the photos in order of the phrase, however, if they get mixed up- it’s okay. You can use deductive reasoning following the guide sheet as it has the correct number of lines to match up with the words. 

If you solved the article and papa’s letter- you would know that you are looking for one word per pic.


The key to decoding and solving puzzles is to think outside of the box, but don’t overthink it. That is the most difficult task because everyone looks at things through a different lens. Right brain, left brain. – You know…


Okay – let’s solve these pictures:


There is a train car… look at the letters – analyze them and the colors… see what word comes into focus…. Write it down on a blank sheet of paper…


The pic with the airplane… sports the phonetic alphabet.  Alpha, Bravo, Charlie….. my name is Cris (Charlie, Romeo, India, Sierra)


The bar…. 13, 5 (If A=1 then B=2 and C=3….. follow the pattern for a two-letter word.


Six and Seven is NOT eleven… lol (that was just to throw you off) – this pic, just spot the “differences” and string them together to make a three-letter word.


The colorful tree is just the three missing letters of alphabet. Put the missing letters together and you will find a three-letter word.


The question page (?) – look for the similarity between the ? and the words offered.


The next pic has a ton of numbers…. Think of connect the dots pictures you used to do as a kid….. the hint for the “dots” is on the bottom and in bright yellow. Think all things seven. Connect what you find, and it spells out a three-letter word.


The typewriter explains itself. Line up the letters in the order given.


Fred and Ginger – this pic shows my age. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were a famous dancing duo. The hint is: the conjunction that brings them together. What is a conjunction? In this case, a three-letter word.


The next pic is a cipher text on the right and to the left, the “wheel” with 1/3 of it faded out. To solve this look at the arrows. The arrows point from the bottom, up. So, where you see a “U” – write “B” …. Follow that and you will get all but 2 letters of the word with what you are given. You can add in the rest of the cipher wheel by following the pattern.


The next pic has North, South, West, East at the top left of the page and “WE STAND” written out. – Check out the instructions on the little white arrow. It tells you to take away a word. Do what it says for a three-letter word.


The storm/hurricane…. Has something in common and is staring right at you. Sometimes the obvious answer, is the answer. You are looking for a word that contains only one letter. Yes, the spelling is technically three letters… but that is the beauty of thinking outside the box.


The next pic’s hint is at the top right hand of the page. Look at that number and then what the rest of the page has to offer. Is it the 2nd letter, 2nd word, 2nd paragraph….? It’s a four-letter word.


The next pic utilizes the phonetic alphabet again. Take “Romeo” away and it leaves you a four-letter word.


An acrostic poem is where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. Typically, the first letters of each line are used to spell the message, but they can appear anywhere. – SOS- Some One Special…. This will help solve the next to the last word of this phrase.


The last pic…. I literally “point” out the letters to the four-letter word.


Now that you have all 16 words… some of you will recognize the phrase and some will have to google it. It is in the theme of the contents. – There are highlighted lines on the code page… those  letters spell your code.

Unlock the bag… pay attention to the lock and what side you use.

Once the bag is open- the phrase leads you to a scripture reference for the bible.

The “red” fills in the first ½ of the coordinates needed to save the Pastor’s Wife.

The second ½ is found in the journal letters in the bag. The picture in the bag helps to decide the order.

Each letter has part of the coordinates written out… hidden in plain sight.

Let me know when you have solved it. 😊

Note:  Morse  code was  just a reference from papa about how he  would  get her  the info. She hides  the info in her journal entry. 

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