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Christine believes everyone has an interesting story and loves it when people share their tales with her. For her books, games, and music, she stays inspired by her family and people in the small town she grew up in. There are many colorful characters that surround her which keeps her busy writing stories and creating her brand.

Christine's vision and mission is to inspire people to put down their tech devices, even for just an hour, and communicate with friends and family face to face.

Christine loves all things mystery and grew up reading (and watching) Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, Scooby Doo (of course), Matlock, Columbo, Sherlock, and well, anything and everything mystery related. She wanted to write mysteries, but also longed to be that hero in the books and movies that solved the cases. She often wondered if anyone else felt like that, too. - That is when she came up with the idea of creating an immersive mystery novel. Conundrum Case Files was developed to give an authentic detective experience. After Conundrum Case Files was established and watching the Escape Room trend grow exponentially, Christine decided to kick her case files up a notch.

What if the Case Files could become even more immersive?? That is when Christine branched out to do Mysteries in the Swamp. Living in Gainesville, Florida, the Swamp seemed to fit right in with a Conundrum File "mystery experience."

So this is where we are right now and always looking for opportunities to grow. Please check out each page and Like Conundrum Case Files on Facebook!


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